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Volcano Hybrid
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Volcano Hybrid


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  • New ceramic coated aluminum filling chamber variant! (2023.10)
  • Large touch-button digital display
  • Heating time is quick (40 seconds).
  • Materials of the highest grade
  • App for mobile devices
  • A novel whip system
  • Balloon system with an easy valve
  • Produced in Germany

Who is the Volcano Hybrid designed for?

The brand-new Volcano Hybrid is definitely worth considering for those looking for the absolute best in desktop vaping. The most modern heating technology available is included within this new model, resulting in increases in both heating time and vapor quality. The Volcano Hybrid is designed for folks who take vaping seriously and want to invest in a vaporizer that will endure for decades.

High-Quality Design

The Volcano Hybrid is specifically created in Germany using the greatest quality materials available, giving it a premium appearance and feel. Its sophisticated control panel and elegant digital display deliver precise temperature readings during your whole session. Even better, instead of requiring a press, all buttons on this vaporizer work by touch, providing it an advantage over other vapes.

Highest Vapour Quality

One of the main focuses of the Volcano Hybrid, like its predecessors, is creating vapour of the highest quality and taste – and it surely does not disappoint! Its unique rotational whip system lets you choose how much vapour you want to inhale, giving you complete freedom and control over your experience. The conventional Easy Valve balloon system is still incorporated, giving you access to a variety of inhalation ways.

Convenient App Management

Volcano Hybrid also offers an app that works on both iOS and Android devices. All you need is a functioning Bluetooth connection to get started! The app allows you to effortlessly alter all of the settings available on this vape without having to touch the vape itself, allowing you to control your entire session remotely using your smartphone. It also enables you to create smart processes that control the temperature and pumping at various timed intervals.

Note: As of November 2019, Apple has limited vaping apps on the App Store, therefore you must use a web browser to manage the Volcano Hybrid from an iPhone unless you already have a downloaded copy of the Storz & Bickel app.

Heat-Up Time is Reduced

Because of improved hardware, the Volcano Hybrid has a faster heating time than prior versions and can reach your preferred temperature in 40 seconds. The innovative, integrated double helix heat exchanger allows for such rapid heating, which means you’ll never have to wait long for your session to begin.


All Volcano Hybrid vaporizers sold by Weed Coffeeshop, are genuine and guaranteed by a 3-year warranty limited to regular use.

1 review for Volcano Hybrid

  1. elena papadopoulos

    Top-notch packaging ensures the vaporizer’s safety. Airtight seals and a visually pleasing design reflect a commitment to product preservation

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