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Arizer Extreme Q
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Arizer Extreme Q


(8 customer reviews)


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  • The most recent version! (2023.10)
  • Can be combined with a balloon and a whip.
  • Temperature precision
  • Design that is both compact and adaptable
  • Modify settings with the remote control
  • LED digital display
  • Timer that automatically shuts down

Who is the Arizer Extreme Q intended for?

The Arizer Extreme Q provides unrivaled quality and is ideal for people looking for a high-end vaporizer that is easy to use and has unique features. It’s suitable for both experienced and inexperienced vapers because it offers a plethora of functions without sacrificing speed and quality. It’s easy to see why the Arizer Extreme Q has such a wonderful reputation as one of the best-selling stationary vaporizers in the world.

Superior Quality

This vaporizer’s glass structure ensures that all herb vapour produced is devoid of dangerous contaminants and tastes delicious. Its cutting-edge ceramic heating system vaporizes all sorts of herbs effortlessly and ensures that you always get the most advantages from the plants you choose to vaporize.

Its interior heating components and sensors also allow the gadget to reach ideal temperature in just 2 minutes, allowing you to get right to work when it’s time to enjoy some herbs.


One of the most significant advantages of the Arizer Extreme Q is the ability to customize your vaping experience with the whip attachment or balloon bag. You’ll also appreciate the automated fan speeds, built-in temperature adjustment, and a helpful LED display that gives you complete control over its performance. The controls on the base control the settings, but there’s also a remote so you can start the heating mechanism even if you’re not in the room. The Arizer Extreme Q’s versatility and ease of usage are what truly distinguishes it as a fantastic vape.

Even better, if you want to expand out into more spiritual activities, this vaporizer may also be used for aromatherapy. Make a peaceful atmosphere wherever you go by using the included aromatherapy bowl as an oil diffuser.

Maximum Security and Convenience

You’ll never have to jerk awake to turn off your vaporizer if you find yourself softly falling off to sleep. With a novel auto-shut timer that can be adjusted to 2 or 4 hours, the Arizer Extreme Q will immediately shut itself off if time passes without activity. What’s more, the included remote control allows you to completely customize your vaping experience without even getting out of your chair.

Continuous Improvements

The Arizer Extreme Q has undergone numerous revisions and adjustments since its initial release to achieve its current finalized form. With a premium design, structure, and components that consistently generate excellent vapor, you can be confident that you’ll get the greatest quality when you get this vaporizer.


The Arizer Extreme Q’s electronics have a 3-year warranty, while the ceramic heating element has a lifetime warranty.

8 reviews for Arizer Extreme Q

  1. dylan cooper

    Unbox the Arizer Extreme Q to discover a masterpiece in packaging, securing the device with precision.

  2. lily ward

    Unbox the Arizer Extreme Q to discover a masterpiece in packaging, securing the device with precision.

  3. charlie hall

    The convection heating method preserves the natural flavors, delivering a pure and indulgent taste profile with every draw.

  4. isla robinson

    From its customizable temperature settings to its dual-functionality, this desktop vaporizer guarantees a potent and tailored experience.

  5. noah baker

    Arizer Extreme Q’s dual-functionality caters to both balloon and whip usage, providing versatile options for users with varied preferences.

  6. mia turner

    Experience balanced vapor production with Arizer Extreme Q, ensuring a satisfying and consistent output throughout your vaping sessions.

  7. oliver hudson

    Enjoy a quiet vaping experience with Arizer Extreme Q, allowing for discreet and undisturbed sessions.

  8. freya morris

    Arizer Extreme Q stands out for its reliability and longevity, providing users with a durable investment for long-term vaping pleasure.

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