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Hydrology 9 NX
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Hydrology 9 NX


(7 customer reviews)


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  • Version 2023.10 is the most recent.
  • Anodized aluminum body with a stylish design
  • Water filtering that is integrated
  • Heating chambers that can be switched between herb and concentrate
  • Temperature range is wide (Herbs: 180°C – 235°C. Temperature range: 290°C – 410°C)
  • USB charging port that is magnetic
  • 1900 mAh detachable and interchangeable battery
  • Simple cleaning access

Who is the Hydrology 9 NX intended for?

The Hydrology 9 NX is a dual-function vaporizer that is both functional and enjoyable to use. The latest modifications include specialized chambers for herb and concentrate, with every detail meticulously considered, such as flawlessly fitting pieces made of high-grade materials and magnetic elements that make filling and cleaning easier.

If you want an all-in-one vaporizer that can handle anything from dry herbs to concentrates, the Hydrology 9 NX is the one to get. Its built-in water filtering system and cooling capabilities will guarantee years of smooth and pleasant vapour.

Spill-proof construction

The Hydrology 9 NX arrives fully built, albeit it must be filled with water by unscrewing the top piece. The spill-proof construction prevents water from entering the electrical components.

Heating chamber for herbs

The hybrid heating chamber for herbs in the Hydrology 9 NX ensures that your herbs are heated evenly and thoroughly. This dedicated chamber employs dual-layer heating technology, which combines convection and conduction heating to deliver strong and delicious vapor every time!

Chamber of concentration

The groundbreaking heating technique in the new concentration chamber can be utilized with either the quartz glass bowl or the ceramic bowl depending on the desired temperature. This heating technology ensures efficient heat generation while also filling the entire bowl without any cold spaces.

Temperature control dial

The Hydrology 9 NX has a sensor that recognizes the heating chamber and changes the temperature levels automatically to give you with precise settings for both concentrates and herbs.

The required temperature is adjusted by twisting the dial at the bottom of the Hydrology 9 NX. Temperature ranges from 180°C to 235°C for herbs and 290°C to 410°C for concentrates such as oil or waxes.

Blue (lowest), light blue, yellow, purple, red, and white (highest) temperature levels are indicated. This color-coded method makes it simple to determine which temperature is set and to alter without having to look at a display.

The Hydrology 9 NX will remain at the set temperature for two minutes before moving to standby, where it will remain until shut down or shuts down automatically after 10 minutes.

Replaceable battery

Another improvement over the original Hydrology 9 is the battery, which is both more powerful (1900 mAh) and replaceable. You can extend the life of your gadget with a removable battery by purchasing fresh batteries instead. If you intend to use your 9 NX on lengthy journeys without access to charging, it is a good idea to purchase an extra battery from the start.

We discovered that a completely charged battery can support 5 to 7 sessions of herb vaping and 10 to 12 sessions of concentration vaping throughout our tests.

USB charging port that is magnetic

The charger in this new edition of Hydrology 9 has been modified and now incorporates a magnetic connection, making attaching easier than ever before. When you plug in your smartphone to charge it, it will blink red until full battery capacity is attained after around an hour of charging. When it’s fully charged, the light goes green, letting you know right away when it’s ready!

Cleaning supplies are included.

Cleaning your vaporizer is simple with the included high-quality cleaning equipment. The brushes make it simple to deep clean all sections of this machine at any moment, ensuring that it continues to function properly for a long time!


All Hydrology 9 NX vaporizers supplied by Weed Coffeeshop, an authorized Cloudious 9 dealer, are 100% genuine and come with a 2-year warranty.

7 reviews for Hydrology 9 NX

  1. emma wilson

    Hydrology 9 NX’s innovative water filtration system elevates the vaping experience, enhancing both aroma and flavor.

  2. oliver turner

    It boasts a sleek premium design, making it a statement piece for vape enthusiasts who appreciate aesthetics.

  3. ethan knight

    Experience the efficient harmony of the 9 NX’s hybrid conduction-convection heating system, ensuring a smooth and satisfying vaporization process.

  4. leo evans

    Hydrology 9 NX offers portable luxury, combining sophisticated design with the convenience of on-the-go vaping.

  5. ava turner

    Indulge in pure aroma bliss with Hydrology 9 NX, where every draw is accompanied by a delightful fragrance that enhances the overall experience.

  6. jack morris

    Hydrology 9 NX delivers unmatched flavor purity, capturing the true essence of your herbs without any compromise.

  7. ruby bryant

    A profound effects symphony with Hydrology 9 NX, where relaxation and elevation dance in perfect harmony for a truly elevated vaping journey.

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