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A diverse range of high-quality cannabis seeds

Choose from the many options listed here to get off to the best possible start. It includes many of the most famous and distinctive hybrids in the world, as well as those used for prescription medicinal cannabis in Europe.  The true measure of quality, however, is how many satisfied customers return to buy our seeds again and again, knowing that not only the strain genetics, but also the attention to customer service, discreet shipping, and professional aftercare, are absolute priorities.

Best-Selling Cannabis Seeds

When we say at WeedcoffeeShop that we only offer the finest, lab-tested, and fully feminised cannabis seeds available, we aren’t just talking. We also walk the walk, and we want all of our customers to know — and see! — how dependable our best-selling cannabis seeds are, as well as how helpful and friendly our customer service representatives are.

Order cannabis seeds online from Weed CoffeeShop to have them delivered to your door as soon as possible. We have the best selection of cannabis seeds for sale online, all of which are fully feminised and reasonably priced. We are excited to bring you high-quality cannabis seeds from around the world as the best place to order European cannabis seeds online.

The time has come to purchase cannabis seeds online. Growers Choice Seeds offers the best weed seeds for sale online, including CBD seeds and easy-to-grow auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Shop our selection today to find the seeds that are right for you, and then check out online using our secure server and your preferred payment method. We will deliver quickly and discreetly to your door in as little as one week. Begin right away.

Interesting Facts About Cannabis Seeds

  • Most marijuana seeds are about the size of a matchhead, but they can range from as small as a tomato seed to as large as a small pea depending on the variety. This does not indicate the size or health of the cannabis plant that will sprout from it. Sativa seeds are typically smaller than indica seeds, but this is not always the case.
  • There is no discernible difference between regular, feminised, or autoflowering cannabis seeds, indica or sativa seeds, and hemp seeds. As a result, to ensure authenticity, always purchase from a reputable seed bank.
  • Marijuana seeds have an almost perfect ratio of the essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, and 9. These are essential for human health and cannot be manufactured by the body. It is preferable to consume hemp seeds rather than cannabis seeds because the former is much cheaper and has no difference in EFA content—only the THC content of the plants they produce.
  • The best temperature to store your seeds is 5 – 7 degrees Celsius, which is conveniently the temperature of the door in a domestic refrigerator. They should also be kept completely dry in order to avoid mould and premature germination.

Buy The Best Marijuana Seeds Online: autoflowering cannabis seeds

It can be difficult to narrow down your favourite strains at Weed CoffeeShop; perhaps this is one disadvantage of buying online? (No, you can always go with your second choice the next time!) The strain you select is ultimately determined by your personal preferences. Why not try Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Pot Seeds for a simple and straightforward grow? Sour Kush is a relatively balanced indica-sativa strain that is great for daytime use and will leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric.

It is also suitable for new growers. Choose a Sativa-dominant regular feminised strain like Super Silver Haze for energy and a lot of buds. This strain is great for increasing creativity and productivity, and it produces massive yields both indoors and outdoors, leaving you feeling energised and cheerful.

Where to buy cannabis seed?

Saving money on seeds at the source is a great way to get your money’s worth when growing cannabis, but did you know that even full-priced cannabis seeds from Weed CoffeeShop are a great deal? Oh, yes! A single cannabis seed, which costs around ten dollars, can yield hundreds of dollars’ worth of bud. Sure, there are start-up costs to growing your own marijuana — you’ll need lights and fans and other such things—but it’s well worth it, even if it’s just the satisfaction of flexing your green thumb and cultivating something wonderful!