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Wolkenkraft FX Mini
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Wolkenkraft FX Mini



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  • The most recent version! (2023.10)
  • Heating technology based solely on convection
  • Quick heat-up (30 seconds)
  • Timer for the session
  • OLED display that is really bright
  • Temperature control precision (160 to 221°C)
  • Herbs, wax, and oil can all be vaporized.
  • Design is discrete and lightweight (136 g).

Wolkenkraft FX Mini is intended for whom?

The Wolkenkraft FX Mini is a low-cost, ultra-portable convection vaporizer designed in Germany. It’s compact, powerful, and loaded with features, but it still delivers consistently. The FX Mini is the ideal vape for those seeking full convection heating, as well as a good, low-cost solution for anyone serious about vaporizing.

Pure and delicious vapor

The Wolkenkraft FX Mini convection heating system removes the chamber completely in a matter of minutes. There is no combustion since no material meets the heating elements; instead, just the air heats the substance, ensuring only pure and flavorful vapour is produced. The air passage is isolated from the electronics, but there is enough airflow to allow for comfortable draws.


The Wolkenkraft FX Mini isn’t just little; it’s one of our selection’s smallest vapes, measuring 5.1 7.6 2.5 cm and weighs only 136 grams. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a pocket, and it’s built to last.

Excellent battery life

The 1600 mAh battery offers a run length of 30 to 40 minutes, which is enough for six to eight four-minute sessions depending on the temperature. Most vaporizers this size can only be used for three to four sessions before needing to be recharged, however the Wolkenkraft FX Mini can last much longer!

Time to heat up: 30 seconds

Depending on the temperature and battery level, the Wolkenkraft FX Mini is ready to vape in 25 to 30 seconds. When it’s ready, you can draw in vapor continuously for four minutes, or until the session timer runs out (which can be extended by pressing the power button). This means you may have a brief session anywhere, or use it for a single quick hit before putting it back in your pocket.

Buttons that are simple to use

With minimal learning curve, the Wolkenkraft FX Mini is the ideal vape to distribute around the room or enjoy alone. It has three buttons that function as expected: switch it on with three clicks of the big button, select your preferred temperature from 160 to 221°C with the other two buttons, and wait for 25 seconds. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

OLED display that is really bright

The Wolkenkraft FX Mini features a large, bright, and clear OLED display that indicates the battery charge level, set temperature, current temperature, and session timer. A session lasts 240 seconds (4 minutes), after which the FX Mini automatically shuts down. Simply click the power button five times more to switch it back on and begin another session.

Components of superior quality

The components of the Wolkenkraft FX Mini that come into contact with your herbs and vapour have been meticulously chosen for optimal purity and flavor. The titanium chamber, which can store up to 0.2 grams of dried herb, is easy to clean. The extended mouthpiece constructed of food-grade safe Pyrex glass is used to draw in the vapour.

Not just for herbs

To enjoy concentrates like as oil and waxes with the Wolkenkraft FX Mini, simply use the accompanying concentrate capsule. Begin by placing your concentrate in the capsule, then inserting the capsule into the chamber and attaching the mouthpiece. You are now fully prepared to vape concentrates!


All Wolkenkraft FX Mini offered by Weed Coffeeshop, an authorized Wolkenkraft distributor, are genuine and come with a one-year warranty limited to regular use.


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