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PharmaHemp CBD Oil Drops 15%
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PharmaHemp CBD Oil Drops 15%


PharmaHemp® Drops are made from organic hemp biomass extract extracted using supercritical CO2. In addition to the cannabinoid CBD, the products contain a variety of additional cannabinoids and other substances that work together to provide a “entourage effect.”

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PharmaHemp® Drops are manufactured from organic hemp extract extracted using supercritical CO2 (the products obtained do not contain any solvent residues, resulting in the purest possible extract).
PharmaHemp is a long-standing manufacturer of CBD products as well as a certified organic hemp farmer (Cannabis sativa). As a result, they have complete control over all processes, from seeding to plant cultivation to the finished product.

Only natural components are used; no artificial colours, scents, or preservatives are used. The product has been microbiologically tested, it contains no parabens or artificial dyes or smells, and it is devoid of toxins and heavy metals. To assure the finest quality, organic hemp material used for extraction is planted and cultivated without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

Recommended Use

CBD oil has a wide range of applications. Applying a few drops straight to the desired area and rubbing into the skin is a frequent procedure. Start with a low dose and gradually increase as your body adjusts.

  • 10 mL size
  • 1500mg total CBD
  • 15% concentration
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction is used.
  • Each drop contains around 200mg of CBD.

CBD drops for better everyday balance

A hectic daily schedule filled with appointments. It’s no surprise that certain days my nerves are frayed. A millennium-old plant has demonstrated its effectiveness in promoting inner calm and balance: hemp. Our CBD organic oil is derived from the cannabis plant. This is made up of numerous active chemicals known as cannabinoids. Unlike the psychotropic ingredient THC, our drops contain CBD. CBD oil drops, as opposed to THC, are ideal for increasing general well-being.

CBD oils with a broad variety of benefits

Our premium CBD extracts are made up of several carrier oils. These are full-spectrum textures with high levels of additional cannabinoids. They also contain additional compounds found naturally in hemp plants to provide the entourage effect. According to this, combining diverse biological plant ingredients results in increased biological activity.

What effect do our organic CBD oil drops have on the body?

Cannabinoids bind to certain receptors in the body. This is how you can achieve a relaxing effect. CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. These are chemical components found not only in hemp, but also in our bodies. The body’s inherent functions can be strengthened and reinforced in this way. All of our textures are prepared with high-quality ingredients farmed to the strictest organic standards. Not only are you benefiting your body, but you are also benefiting the earth. Explore our CBD Drops selection and place your purchase today.

4 reviews for PharmaHemp CBD Oil Drops 15%

  1. luca moretti

    Impressive delivery speed, surpassing expectations. Reliable and swift service ensures your product arrives promptly.

  2. jakub nowak

    Savor the richness with each drop. The oil delivers a delightful and authentic flavor profile, making consumption a flavorful journey.

  3. andreas hoffmann

    Top-notch packaging that prioritizes product preservation. The airtight seal and discreet design ensure the oil arrives intact and ready for consumption.

  4. thomas leroux

    Experience the perfect blend of potency and smoothness. The oil’s effects provide a powerful yet approachable high, suitable for various preferences and occasions

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