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Cibdol CBD oil 40 %, 12000 mg, (30 ml)
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Cibdol CBD oil 40 %, 12000 mg, (30 ml)


With CBD Oil 40% from Cibdol, you can enjoy an authentic, all-natural approach to well-being. Using cutting-edge extraction, purification, and filtration, each drop seamlessly blends nutritious MCT oil with full-spectrum CBD for a highly concentrated product, and each bottle is independently tested, so you can consume with confidence.

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A flawless combination of all-natural MCT oil and CBD.

Every drop of CBD Oil 40% delivers an authentic wellness experience. You can reap the benefits of our full-spectrum formula by expertly combining highly concentrated CBD with nourishing MCT oil.

To make CBD Oil 40%, naturally grown hemp is extracted using sophisticated CO2 extraction, which efficiently isolates the required levels of CBD. This full-spectrum blend of cannabinoids and terpenes is then expertly blended into cold-pressed MCT oil.

Cibdol ensures the highest level of safety and quality control at all stages of production. All of our full-spectrum CBD is independently tested to ensure the correct cannabinoid ratio and the absence of THC.

Consume with confidence when you choose Cibdol’s high-strength, maximum-purity CBD Oil 40%.

How to Use Cibdol 40% Natural CBD Oil:

The recommended dose for a balanced approach to well-being is 3-4 drops on or under the tongue. Wait one minute before swallowing. Repeat three times per day.

Cibdol CBD Oil 40% is a perishable product; therefore, after opening, keep the bottle in a cool, dark, and dry place for best results.

14 reviews for Cibdol CBD oil 40 %, 12000 mg, (30 ml)

  1. anna kovacs

    Cibdol’s CBD oil is a symbol of premium elegance, making it an ideal choice for those who seek sophistication in their wellness routine.

  2. anna kovacs

    Experience natural harmony with Cibdol’s CBD oil, harmonizing the body and mind for a balanced wellness journey.

  3. andreas hoffmann

    Cibdol’s CBD oil transforms relaxation into a ritual, providing a consistent and soothing experience with each use.

  4. isabella ferrari

    Cibdol’s CBD oil transforms relaxation into a ritual, providing a consistent and soothing experience with each use.

  5. adrian kowalski

    Enjoy a clean and subtle flavor with Cibdol’s CBD oil, making it a preferred choice for those who appreciate a more nuanced taste profile.

  6. sara martinez

    A hallmark of Cibdol’s CBD oil, delivering calming effects promptly for a stress-free experience.

  7. adrian kowalski

    Holistic calmness with Cibdol’s CBD oil fosters a sense of overall well-being.

  8. emma kovac

    Achieve a balanced clarity with Cibdol’s CBD oil, promoting relaxation without sacrificing cognitive function.

  9. isabella larsson

    The use of premium hemp extract sets Cibdol’s CBD oil apart, ensuring a high-quality product with every drop.

  10. sophie martens

    Cibdol’s CBD oil captures nature’s authenticity, reflecting the pure essence of premium hemp for an authentic and clean flavor profile.

  11. emma kowalska

    Reflecting the pure essence of premium hemp for an authentic and clean flavor profile.

  12. matteo ricci

    A gentle wellness companion, offering a soothing and subtle approach to daily relaxation.

  13. mia leblanc

    The pure essence of Cibdol’s CBD oil offers a subtle, earthy aroma, while the natural flavor profile reflects the essence of premium hemp, providing a clean and authentic taste.

  14. fabio ricci

    Each drop delivers a calming sensation, promoting relaxation without compromising clarity.

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