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Banana Hammock Hash
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Banana Hammock Hash

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THC level:12%

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Hashish, or hash for short, is a distinct type of cannabis concentrate that is more flavorful and potent than a standard strain. Banana Hammock Hash is created by crossing Grape God and Mandarin Sunset, resulting in a AAAAA-level hash. Banana Hammock Hash is Indica-dominant, with plenty of relaxing and sedative effects that should take over your mind and body after just a few tokes. As you smoke this hash, you’re reminded of one simple fact: hash is extremely potent!

Banana Hammock hash, also known as “Banana Hammock R1,” is a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing Grape God and Mandarin Sunset strains. Aside from the amusing name, Banana Hammock is a patient favorite due to its super delicious flavor and uplifting effects. This bud has a sweet and sugary honey flavor with tropical fruit and sour lime accents. The aroma is equally enticing, following the same profile with added hints of fresh earth.


  • Extreme THC concentration at over 60%+
  • Pungent and intense fruity flavour
  • Indica-dominant effects
  • Great for insomnia and chronic pains

What does Banana Hammock Hash look and taste like?

Consider the dense and crumbly texture of halva, a Western Asian dessert. Hash, on the other hand, is more fiber-y and solid, though it can still be crumbled into smaller pieces for easier smoking. It has an excellent texture and a dark-yellow-green color.

After all, Banana Hammock Hash is AAAAA-level, which is the highest quality available. Most customers agree that this hash is among the best in Canada, both in terms of flavor and potency.

Banana Hammock Hash smells exactly like the strains from which it was made. Only with a little more oomph! Okay, more than a “bit” of punch, because hash is highly concentrated, and this also applies to the flavorful terpenes.

After inhaling, your mouth should be filled with an intense fruity and tropical aroma reminiscent of Grape God and Mandarin Sunset. You’ll get used to the delicious aroma and want to smoke some more after a while!

What effects does Banana Hammock Hash have?

The Banana Hammock kicks in soon after your last hit, first affecting your mind before spreading its tingly sense of calm throughout your body. You’ll feel lifted and relaxed, with a sense of euphoria that instantly clears your mind of any negative or racing thoughts.

A soothing body high follows, lulling you into a state of complete physical calm and ease. Banana Hammock is frequently prescribed for experienced patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, depression, or mood swings.

This hash strain‘s name should tell you everything you need to know. The term “Hammock” clearly denotes its Indica profile, with highly relaxing and sedative effects. The first toke is soothing and slow, with a steady grip of relaxation taking over your head and slowly spreading throughout your body, according to users.

You may find yourself half-asleep near the end of the high, with your mind bordering on total lethargy and sedation. Few things matter when you’re in that state of total relaxation!

Banana Hammock Hash is not only relaxing and sedative, but it may also be beneficial to your health. Until now, countless customers have used Banana Hammock Hash to improve their overall well-being and treat medical conditions. This hash solved everything it came across, whether it was a regular headache, a panic attack, depression, or anxiety. It appears to be capable of treating:

  • Symptoms of PTSD
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pains
  • Neuropathic pains
  • Migraines
  • Bipolar disorder symptoms
  • Alzheimer’s disorder symptoms

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10 reviews for Banana Hammock Hash

  1. marta perez

    Hash arrived impeccably packed, airtight, and secure. The packaging reflected a commitment to preserving the quality and freshness of the product

  2. emma andersson

    Prompt delivery surpassed expectations. Swift and reliable service ensured the hash arrived promptly, highlighting the efficiency and customer satisfaction

  3. lily wilson

    Banana Hammock Hash excels in packaging, ensuring each unit is a testament to quality preservation. A secure seal and thoughtful design underscore a commitment to excellence.

  4. oliver barker

    The efficiency of Banana Hammock Hash’s dispatch ensures a seamless and prompt delivery process, adding to the positive overall experience and highlighting the service’s dependability.

  5. ruby stewart

    Banana Hammock Hash offers a flavorful bliss. The authentic taste profile goes beyond the ordinary, making this hash a sophisticated choice for those seeking a culinary journey.

  6. evie richards

    Experience balanced potency with Banana Hammock Hash. The harmonious blend of effects caters to diverse preferences, providing a comprehensive enhancement to your wellness journey.

  7. lucas morgan

    Experience balanced potency with Banana Hammock Hash. The harmonious blend of effects caters to diverse preferences, providing a comprehensive enhancement to your wellness journey.

  8. Alyson (verified owner)

    Quality and aroma set the standard, truly excellent

  9. Simeon (verified owner)

    Very potent, exactly what I was looking for

  10. Earline (verified owner)

    The discreetness of delivery was beyond expectations

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