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Cannastra HHC Dark Nugget Hash 50%
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Cannastra HHC Dark Nugget Hash 50%

 56.00 410.00

Try Cannastra’s unique HHC hash with 50 % HHC

(27 customer reviews)


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France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic.

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Try Cannastra’s unique HHC Dark Nugget hash with 50 % HHC.


  •     HHC distillate 50 % 
  •     Hemp pollen


  •     HHC content 50 % 
  •     THC less than 0.1 %
  •     CBD less than 10 %

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10g, 100g

27 reviews for Cannastra HHC Dark Nugget Hash 50%

  1. ethan morris

    Arrives impeccably packed, an ode to the meticulous care in ensuring product integrity. Lightning-fast delivery makes the initiation seamless.

  2. sophie evans

    Impeccably packed, the Cannastra HHC Dark Nugget arrives in premium packaging, ensuring the preservation of its rich qualities. Lightning-fast delivery surpassed expectations, making the unboxing a delight.

  3. sophie evans

    The flavor is a harmonious blend, delivering a smooth and satisfying experience. Effects are well-balanced, providing relaxation without compromising clarity.

  4. ava turne

    Dark Nugget – perfection in packing, aroma, and effects! Fast delivery exceeded expectations.

  5. jack evans

    Premium experience! The aroma, flavor, and effects of Dark Nugget showcase true cannabis craftsmanship. Lightning-fast delivery is the cherry on top.

  6. ruby hall

    Experience a harmonious blend of flavors with Dark Nugget, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable session.

  7. dylan morris

    Dark Nugget provides balanced relaxation, allowing users to unwind without sacrificing mental clarity.

  8. mia roberts

    Dark Nugget delivers relaxation without compromising mental clarity, offering a crafted cannabis experience.

  9. oliver wilson

    Impeccable packing ensures the preservation of Dark Nugget’s rich qualities, maintaining its premium attributes.

  10. grace evans

    Embark on a delightful journey with Dark Nugget, where each element, from aroma to effects, contributes to an exceptional cannabis encounter.

  11. finley jenkins

    Unboxing joy! Cannastra HHC Dark Nugget delivers an exceptional blend of flavor and balanced effects.

  12. sophie mitchell

    Fast delivery and discreet packaging – top-notch! The flavor nuances in Dark Nugget Hash create a unique experience. Highly recommended!

  13. ava morris

    Dark Nugget Hash delivers a relaxing elevation, providing users with a balanced and tranquil high that resonates throughout the experience.

  14. Keely (verified owner)

    Delivery was super fast, product is excellent

  15. Mia (verified owner)

    Trustable site with high-quality products

  16. Martine (verified owner)

    The effects are perfect, very satisfied

  17. Luz (verified owner)

    The aroma is delightful, very satisfied

  18. Joe (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient service, very trustable

  19. Madilyn (verified owner)

    Ordering process was smooth and easy

  20. Patrick (verified owner)

    Everything was perfect, from ordering to delivery

  21. Mona (verified owner)

    Very reliable in terms of delivery and quality

  22. Lyda (verified owner)

    Quality and service exceeded my expectations

  23. Gregoria (verified owner)

    Customer service is responsive and helpful

  24. Charity (verified owner)

    Ordering process was smooth and easy

  25. Alexa (verified owner)

    Incredible aroma, very potent and pure

  26. Devyn (verified owner)

    Discreet packaging, arrived in perfect condition

  27. Cayla (verified owner)

    The site is very user-friendly and reliable

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