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Eighty8 – HHC Hash, 50% HHC
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Eighty8 – HHC Hash, 50% HHC

 120.00 1,005.00

Hashish with 50% HHC and 15% CBD from Eighty8.

(18 customer reviews)


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  • New to the market
  • Ultra potent
  • Cannabis
  • HHC 50%, CBD 15% THC > 0.2%

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10g, 100g

18 reviews for Eighty8 – HHC Hash, 50% HHC

  1. dylan bryant

    Redefine your hashish encounter with Eighty8, where the 50% HHC Hash introduces a new dimension of quality and distinction.

  2. ruby wilson

    Eighty8’s HHC Hash delivers excellence in a balanced high, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable hashish journey.

  3. mia turner

    Experience unleashed potent euphoria with Eighty8’s 50% HHC Hash, a hallmark of quality and potency.

  4. oliver morris

    Eighty8’s HHC Hash offers a harmonious flavor symphony, showcasing the artistry in hashish creation.

  5. grace jones

    The aromatic bliss of Eighty8’s HHC Hash is distinctive, creating an immersive and enjoyable experience.

  6. grace jones

    Swift delivery is assured with Eighty8, enhancing the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

  7. finley evans

    Eighty8 excels in secure packaging, ensuring the HHC Hash reaches users in optimal condition.

  8. jacob sullivan

    Smooth euphoria! Eighty8’s 50% HHC Hash is a game-changer. The effects are balanced, and the flavor is unmatched.

  9. lily hudson

    Distinctive and potent! HHC Hash by Eighty8 provides a unique hashish experience. Fast delivery and quality packing.

  10. harrison knight

    Eighty8’s HHC Hash is top-tier! Packaging is secure, and delivery is swift. The aroma and flavor are unparalleled.

  11. isabella turner

    Distinctive and potent! HHC Hash by Eighty8 provides a unique hashish experience. Fast delivery and quality packing

  12. max robertson

    Impeccable packing safeguards Eighty8’s HHC Hash, ensuring pristine quality. Swift delivery surpassed expectations, making the initiation seamless.

  13. emily wilson

    Indulge in the rich aroma of Eighty8’s HHC Hash. The flavor is a harmonious blend, offering a distinctive hashish experience with each draw.

  14. jacob morris

    Experience a potent, balanced high with 50% HHC. Eighty8’s HHC Hash delivers a smooth, euphoric journey, elevating the hashish encounter.

  15. mia jones

    Excellence in prompt delivery is synonymous with Eighty8, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

  16. olivia brown

    Prowess in distinctive flavor is a hallmark of Eighty8’s HHC Hash, delivering a taste that stands out in the cannabis landscape.

  17. lily knight

    Elevate your sensory pleasure with Eighty8, where every aspect of the HHC Hash is crafted to deliver a heightened cannabis experience.

  18. ethan sullivan

    The mastery in aroma symphony is evident with Eighty8’s HHC Hash, creating a multisensory experience that lingers.

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