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Biscotti strain
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Biscotti strain

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STRAIN: Hybrid
THC: 21%
(23 customer reviews)


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Biscotti strain For Sale

Biscotti is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Gelato 25 and Sour Florida OG. This strain gives users a cerebral high that leaves them feeling relaxed, creative, and buzzy from head to toe. Biscotti’s effects are known to creep up on users, so it’s best to take it slow with this strain. Biscotti has the flavor of sweet cookies with undertones of diesel. With a THC content of 21%, medical marijuana patients use this strain to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. This strain’s striking trichome coverage gives it top-shelf appeal. Biscotti was developed by Cookies Farms.

Biscotti strain Effects

Biscotti can cause a severe cottonmouth reaction. It may also cause the well-known itchy and dry eyes associated with marijuana use.

The Biscotti weed strain can cause paranoia and dizziness on rare occasions. The hybrid may also cause anxiety, especially if used excessively. However, we advise first-timers to proceed with caution when it comes to Biscotti.

Consider starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it until you find your sweet spot. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your session to reduce the severity of dry mouth and eyes.

Biscotti strain Helps in

  • Anxiety: 21% of people say it relieves anxiety.
  • Stress: 13% of people say it relieves stress.
  • Depression: 13% of people say it helps them cope with depression.

Biscotti Strain Appearance, Aroma & Flavor 

Biscotti’s buds are spade-shaped. These dark olive green beauties have a frosty layer of white crystals and dark orange hairs covering them. The hybrid tastes like a cookie, with notes of sweet, sugary, spicy, and nutty.

It has earthy, fruity, herbal, nutty, and sweet aromas. The hybrid produces a sweet smoke with a rich spicy exhale when smoked.

Biscotti Strain’s Medical uses

Biscotti contains a slew of health benefits. Because of its high levels of THC and CBD, the hybrid has the potential to treat a wide range of major and minor illnesses.  The Biscotti weed strain has demonstrated the ability to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

Biscotti is also an excellent pain reliever. Its powerful effects may help to alleviate chronic pain, migraines, and headaches. The hybrid is also useful for treating seizures and nausea.

Biscotti weed strain is also used to treat bipolar disorder, ADHD/ADD, arthritis, and PTSD. It has also been shown to help with insomnia, cramps, and appetite loss.

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23 reviews for Biscotti strain

  1. Jasper76

    Some of the best bud I’ve ever smoked.. me and the homie were laughing at any and everything lol

  2. Claude G.

    Great smoke for an old head such as myself.

  3. Jefferson65

    One of my favorites! Love the giggles!

  4. Johnathan76

    Love this strain one of my favorites. No anxiety and uplifting 🙂 . Thanks weedcoffeeshop

  5. Redmond89

    Love this stain! You guys got the cross wrong though, it’s Gelato #25 × South Florida OG. Great flavor and the high is perfect:)

  6. Broos45

    I love it! Gives me great energy.

  7. Nelson54

    Great high you feel so happy and take away all pain in your body I love it

  8. Bennie78

    Favorite strain. Smell, taste and high are out of this world. Had a few too many seeds for my liking, but has become my go to strain after a hard day!

  9. Harrison O.

    For me, this strain is PERFECT. Super chill but just enough energy to focus and think and create and articulate. LOVE it!

  10. Henry12

    Very, very nice. Doesn’t make my 5-star level….but, the “chill wave” is for sure present. 🌊

  11. Karel90

    Ok so it’s like this i smoke all day everyday and baby let me tell you this here ain’t no joke and i mixed it with cheetah piss 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.

  12. Brendan U.

    his weed is an Anxiety killer lol but the taste was a little weird . It’s a good 9/10 🌳🌳. Weedcoffeeshop is the best place to get one

  13. Corin98

    Very sweet intense feeling of euphoria mixed with a calming sensation that does last quite awhile.

  14. Shawn

    I love this strain! I finally found my strain I think! From taste to the high its spot on!! i will need another nextweekend

  15. Kilian Maurice

    Nice buzz. Great taste. Excellent for pain relief and stiffness.

  16. Leon Zimmermann (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the discreet and fast delivery

  17. Letha (verified owner)

    Product is fantastic, will order again soon

  18. Marques (verified owner)

    Incredibly smooth transaction and fast shipping

  19. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Easy to order, the discretion of delivery was excellent

  20. Alysson (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, product was as described

  21. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Delivery was efficient, product is amazing

  22. Kristopher (verified owner)

    The ease of ordering and discreet delivery is fantastic

  23. Raquel (verified owner)

    Amazing service, product arrived on time

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