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ASCND Potent THC Carts
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ASCND Potent THC Carts



Total THC:  94.13%

Total CBD: <0.20%


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THC vape cartridges have become a favorite way for many to enjoy tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive component found in cannabis. With a plethora of strains and cartridge options on the market, each brings its own unique flavor profile, effects, and THC potency. Generally, the THC content in a cartridge can give you an idea of how strong the effects will be, with higher percentages leading to more intense experiences.

Cannabis experts have dedicated years to engineering strains that boast the highest possible THC levels through careful crossbreeding of already potent strains.

Thanks to the concentration process involved in making vape cartridges, they’re able to deliver higher doses of THC compared to traditional flower. For those chasing the most powerful vaping experience, it’s crucial to select cartridges that not only have high THC but also contain specific terpenes and cannabinoids that enhance the overall effect.

Kurvana is a go-to for those in search of premium, potent THC cartridges, offering an array of choices for every preference. Let’s dive into how Kurvana’s lineup can elevate your vaping session.

Highest THC Percentage Cartridges

Kurvana’s ASCND  is where you’ll find some of the highest THC concentrations available. Take, for instance, the Amnesia Haze cartridges, which stand out with a whopping 94.13% THC content*. This sativa-dominant hybrid, known for its sharp lemon scent and earthy notes, is ideal for those seeking a burst of energy and creativity. Amnesia Haze is a cross between Afghani, Hawaiian, and Jamaican strains.

Other noteworthy ASCND cartridges include the Cherry Truffle, offering a delicious blend of sour cherry flavors from its Cherry Noire and Afghani heritage, and the Georgia Sky, a sativa-leaning mix of Georgia Peach and Skywalker OG strains, boasting a THC content of 91.82%*.

Average THC Percentage in Cartridges

Given the vast array of cannabis products available, pinning down an average THC percentage is challenging. Kurvana’s ASCND cartridges are celebrated for their consistently high potency. Kurvana employs advanced testing procedures to ensure only the finest cannabis oil fills their cartridges, with each product undergoing rigorous onsite and third-party lab testing.

THC Percentage Variability

The THC content in cannabis strains can vary widely due to factors like genetics, growing conditions, and the plant’s maturity at harvest. Breeders and cultivators aim to either maximize THC levels or enhance the cannabidiol (CBD) content for different effects. Additionally, the unique blend of terpenes and flavonoids in each strain contributes to its distinctive flavor and the array of effects it may produce.

Is Too Much THC Possible?

While seeking out the highest THC cartridge, some may wonder if it’s possible to overdo it. While a THC overdose isn’t lethal, it can lead to an uncomfortable experience, emphasizing the importance of finding the right dosage for your personal tolerance and needs.

For those exploring high THC vape cartridges, Kurvana’s selections like Alien Kush, Cherry Truffle, Georgia Sky, and Amnesia Haze are standout choices, each promising a unique and potent experience.

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Amnesia Haze, Georgia Sky strain, Cherry Truffle, Alien Kush


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